Pag Lace 13

Pag Lace – 24x24cm
Ref: P243000405A


Category: Pag


This work has four main layers, but from the second each is a multi-layer structure.

The center dot of the first layer is a bannock (“Pogačica”) combined with eight sparse leaf (“Retki Listacić”) elements to form a flower. The second layer is based on a river (Retki Dintel), with double almond (“Mendulica”) elements. The inner almond has arc lines (“Ročelice”). Put on a dark background, the shape of the space created by this combination is like the shining light of a star. In the space composed by the outside almonds, 8 square shaped patterns are subtly embeddded. The pattern inside squares is formed by bannock (“Pogačica”) and leaf (“Listacić”) elements. The combination of these eight squares forms an exquisite two interlaced squares.

The fourth layer is constructed with a double river (“Dupli Dintel”) element that creates large petals and small calyxes. Inside the petals are dense leaf (“Gusti Listacić”) elements, combined outside with river (“Retki Dintel”), bannock (“Pogačica”) and small tooth (“Zubcić”) elements. This arrangement makes the lace looks shining. Between these large petals, the calyxes are filled with bannock and flies (“Mušica”) elements.

This lace combines different geometric shapes. The whole work is embedded in a square and round shape to create a perfect shining and elegant gem.

The production of this work took nearly three months.

This lace comes with a red wood frame size 40x40cm.

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