Zadar Sunset Seascape and Sea Organ

Sunset reflection in Zadar

Zadar, formerly known as Zara in Italian, stands as Croatia’s fifth-largest city and the second-largest in the Dalmatian region. Beyond its World Heritage architecture and ancient streets, this city boasts a world-renowned, awe-inspiring duo: the sunset seascape and the sea organ.

Sunset Seascape

Situated along the Adriatic coastline, Zadar offers one of the world’s most beautiful sunset seascape, drawing pilgrimages from visitors worldwide, including Alfred Hitchcock, who once praised it. As the sun briefly dips below the western horizon, a spectacular natural display unfolds. The sky at the intersection of the western sea and sky begins to showcase a breathtaking scene with hues of orange, red, and pink reflecting on the dreamlike sea surface. The intermingling rays blur the distinction between water and sky, leaving only the sparkling glints reminiscent of diamonds. The changing shades, from orange to red to pink, create an indescribable masterpiece, unveiling the prologue to a midsummer night’s dream.

Zadar Sea Organ

Regarded as a harmonious blend of human and natural art, the Sea Organ stands as the most stunning attraction along Zadar’s waterfront. Not just an artwork but also an interactive musical installation with nature, this unique creation was designed by Croatian architect Nikola Bašić. Drawing inspiration from the power of waves and wind, the underwater structure primarily comprises concrete and white marble to ensure durability and aesthetics. Collaborating with acoustic experts, Bašić ensured the optimal musical effects of the organ. Completed in 2005, this perfect fusion of humanity and nature quickly became a pinnacle of architectural art, earning accolades from the likes of Alfred Hitchcock.

The Sea Organ’s distinctive structure features a massive set of underwater stairs with seven large marble organ pipes connected to the dynamics of the waves. As the waves enter the pipes, the changes in wind force produce a melodious music, akin to the captivating songs of the sea nymphs that enchanted sailors. The above-ground part of the Sea Organ consists of flat and tiered surfaces, allowing visitors to stroll or sit on the stone steps.

For visitors, the most cherished moments come during the sunset. Sitting on the steps with a cup of coffee, they can appreciate the surreal sunset seascape while listening to the symphony created by the dance of waves, wind, and architecture.

The Zadar sea organ melody


In Greek mythology, sirens, with their captivating music, lured sailors to shipwreck on rocky islands. Perhaps stemming from a lack of understanding of nature, Greek poets wove these beautiful yet haunting stories. Today, travelers need not sail the seas; just visit Zadar, sit on the Sea Organ, and experience the heart-touching beauty of nature’s sound and light.

Travelers, when in Zadar, grant it a night to serenade you with an unforgettable musical drama of the sea waves.

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