Pag Lace 14

Pag Lace – 26x26cm
Ref: P262250304A


Category: Pag


This lace has seven main layers.

The central dot bannock element (“Pogačica”) is surrounded by a river element (“Retki Dintel). The second layer is dominated by almond and sun elements (“Mendulica” and “Sunašce”), forming like a rising sun. The third layer is fully arranged with dense leaf elements (“Gusti Listacić”), showing another light pattern. The sewing of this solid leaf is very detailed and time-consuming. The fourth layer uses curved river (“Vijencić”) element to make a change of angle to cut the space, and then arranges the wave shape formed by the leaf (“Listacić”) and arc (“Ročelice”) elements to dance with the river element.

The sixth layer is like a city wall, it is the most important design of this art piece. The author’s ingenuity uses the characteristics of the river element that can be straiten or curved to create two internal and external spaces. In this layer, the space composed of upper and lower river elements is adorned with almond and steering wheel elements (“Mendulica” and “Kolumbarič”). The fifth and seventh layers are respectively arranged in the down and up space created by the sixth layer. The fifth layer is made of almond, bannock, and leaf elements, all linked by a “stick” element (“štap”), forming a flower pattern. The flowers are born from the ground and bloom in the inner space surrounded by the sixth layer.

The seventh layer has two main patterns. The outermost includes dense leaf, arc, and river elements, the inner one is combined of bannock, almond and sun elements. The two patterns are connected forming like a medal. In this outer space such as a moat, there is like a heroic knight, protecting the city wall.

This piece of art breaks away from the usual patterns used in Pag lace, it is a unique work. It took nearly 3 weeks to sew.

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