Pag Lace 12

Pag Lace – 21x21cm
Ref: P212500338A


Category: Pag


This lace has six main layers.

The first and second layers are the most complicated designs of this lace. The center dot is paired with “small tooth” elements (called “Zubcićlma”) on the inside, and with “half sun” elements (“Polu Sunašce”) on the outside, as if a blazing flame emerges from the center. The second layer is formed by half full half empty (“Polu Puno Polu Prazno”), almond (“Mendulica”), and arc line (“Ročelice”) elements. The first and second layer patterns are combined into a full blooming sun flower.

The third layer features the river (“Retki Dintel”) element’s ability to change at different angles, and cleverly extends the vision of the circular pattern to the fourth layer structure formed by the triangular shape of the almond elements. The fifth layer combines the triangular space generated by previous arrangement of almond elements with the space formed by a river element, and arranges the steering wheel element (“Kolumbarič”) in it. The sixth layer also uses the space formed by the changes of angle of the river elements, and arranges the steering wheel elements in it. The fifth and sixth layers are like lovely flowers, happily surrounding the blooming sun flowers. The overall structure of this lace work is like a flawless water crystal.

The production of this work took about two months.

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