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Beautiful Handmade Art of Croatia

Hands holding a lace from Pag

Skill and Patience, Foundation Behind Fashion

Pag lace has more than 500 years history. Among all the towns of Pag Island, only women of Pag town know the skill way. Selling lace was always an important source of income for the family economy. The tools used for lace making are: needle, cotton thread, cardboard and round pillow…

Pag lace school students a hundred years ago

Pag Lace: Rise and Fall

The town of Pag is known for 2 things. First, for its church and stone square in the center town, designed by Juraj Dalmatinac, Šibenik’s most famous designer whose masterpiece is Šibenik Cathedral. Second, for its delicate and durable world intangible cultural heritage: the Pag lace…