Pag Lace 09

Pag Lace – 15x15cm
Ref: P151200162B


Category: Pag


There are four main layers in this work.

The center of the first layer is a bannock (“Pogačica”) with leaf (“Listacić”) elements forming like a flower. The second layer is based on a circle river element (“Retki Dintel”) and is decorated with almonds (“Mendulica”) and sun (“Sunašce”) elements, such as a medal. The third layer is based on river elements interlaced with sun and half full half empty (“Polu Puno Polu Prazno”) elements, with outside a layer of flies (“Mušica”) elements dwelling like small flowers. The fourth layer is a combination of river (“Retki Dintel”) and curved river (“Vijencić”) elements to create space in which there is leaf and arc (“Ročelice”) elements.

This work look from far is like a rudder wheel, but from near it is like a variety of fully bloom attractive flowers.

The production of this work took about one month.

This lace comes with a blue wood frame size 32x32cm.

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