Pag Lace 11

Pag Lace – 16x16cm
Ref: P161500203B


Category: Pag


This lace has five main layers.

The center steering wheel (“Kolumbarič”) is matched with a half-sun element (“Polu Sunašce”) to form a shape like a blazing circle. The second layer is surrounded by bannocks. The third layer combines river (“Retki Dintel”) and dense leaf (“Gusti Listacić”) elements. The fourth layer first uses the tips of two almond elements (“Mendulica”) to face each other with, in between, a bannock, forming an hourglass pattern, and second, a steering wheel (“Kolumbarič”) is placed each side of the hourglasses. This layer is the most complicated design of this lace. The outermost layer is constructed with double river (“Dupli Dintel”), sparse leaf (“Retki Listacić”), and pecan (“Pekjice”) elements into a concise pattern to complete the entire lace. This work is like a never stopping game of time.

The production of this lace took more than five weeks.

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