Pag Lace 03

Pag Lace – 11x11cm
Ref: P11250034C

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Category: Pag


This work has three main layers.

The first layer consists in a steering wheel (“Kolumbarič”) and small tooth (“Zubcić”) elements. The second layer is composed of almond (“Mendulica”) and arcs (“Ročelice”) elements, creating a pattern that blooms like sparks. The third layer is embroidered with river (“Retki Dintel”) and eight rounded contours composed of large steering wheels (“Kolumbarič”) and bannocks (“Pogačica”), both combined with small tooth elements. Pecan (“Pekjice”) and small tooth elements are placed outside the outline. The overall work is like a lively sky blooming with firework.

It took almost two weeks to sew this piece.

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