Month: February 2020

Beautiful Handmade Art of Croatia

Lepoglava lace - flower detail

Characteristics of Lepoglava Bobbin Lace

With the appearance of the Order of the First Hermit monks in the fifteenth century, the bobbin lace weave was brought into Lepoglava. At this time during the European Renaissance, art works abandoned the use of gorgeous colors, returning to the heavy use of white and beige. The original color weaving thread used in lace…

Lepoglava lace on black bagkround

Lepoglava Lace: Rise and Fall

Lepoglava lace is related to the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit (also known as the White Monk). In the year 1400, these monks adopted a life of seclusion, knowledge, and dedication, forming the cradle of science, art, and culture in Europe at that time. The small town of Lepoglava is located below the…

Hands and Pag lace under the sun

Croatia Lace Origin and Status

The origin of the Croatian lace dates back over 500 years. It first came with Christian religious groups who settled in various places in the country. Today Croatian lace is mainly rooted in 3 famous cities. The oldest testimony of lace making origin in Croatia dates from the 15th century…